Role Of Grandparents

What part does an elderly person play as a Grandparent in today's world?
What can one do to overcome the generation gap between the grandparents and grandchildren?
When grandparents feel that their own children do not know what is right for the grandchildren, can they interfere?
What happens when the Grandchildren live far away?
What else can an elderly person do to have a happy relationship with the grandchild?
Is there any specific role for the grandparent to play in the running of the family?
Today, in most of the families in India, both the parents are employed due to conomic necessity or due to the desire and willingness to work. So the children need someone to look after them when the parents are not around.

While it is true that elders should correct the youngsters when they are wrong, what happens invariably is that older people tend to keep on preaching.

Infact in most families it is the grandparent who become the mediator between the parents and the children in today's world, Indians have spread out far and wide and this has created a huge physical distance between the grandparent and the grandchild. But they can always keep in touch by telephone or by writing letters. In this context, e-mail is the greatest link.

If they stay away from where their grandchildren live, they could invite them over as often as it permits. Ceremonial rites and festive occasions in India are never complete without the grandfathers and grandmothers, whose guidance is needed in India.

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